West Kingsdown Baptist

To know Jesus and make Him known

About Us

Our Vision

We are part of the one Christian Church, believers from every place and every age who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour and hold the Bible to be the word of God to all generations.

As a church we believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; that Jesus is the Son of God sent from Heaven to live on earth, sent to save us by his death and resurrection from the consequences of what we do wrong; that no matter who you are, this salvation is open to you if you trust your life to Jesus.

                                                                Cross and Roof

We affirm that Jesus is Lord; that God speaks to us today in personal and powerful ways. 'Knowing Jesus and making him known' is our shared vision to show and tell others about His amazing love.

Leadership Team

Minister: Jack Diamond

 Elder: Clive Himsworth 

 Deacon: Jan Stevenson


Margaret Ward

Members of the Baptist Union

The Baptist denomination is a mainstream Christian denomination. We share the same fundamental beliefs about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and central Christian doctrines with other Protestant churches. We baptise adults and young people who make a personal decision to follow Jesus. Many in our congregation have come from other denominations to join us; church membership is open to anyone who shares our Christian faith.

Each Baptist Church in the UK is run independently. However, along with many Baptist churches, we are in association with the Baptist Union of Great Britain, and within that belong to the South Eastern Baptist Association.