Missionaries and Charities

 We support financially and in prayer ------

BMS World Mission--

 ...  a young family working in education in Eastern Europe ( names are confidential )

ETCEnable The Children ( Sierra Leone )     

 ...a team of local and international workers providing home-based therapy care for children with long   term disabilities.    They work with disabled children in their own homes and teach families how to care   for them.                                                  

The Faith Mission

 ... a locally based evangelist working in schools with  'Bible Explorer', After School Clubs and Summer Camps.

The HiStory Troupe

 Sue & Alistair Mitchell, also children's workers taking school assemblies and other Children's work                                        .     including Toast Club (fortnightly Mondays) and a regular Summer Holiday Club, both held at the church.


 The South Eastern Baptist Association exists to help and support around 150 churches in the south-east,   including our own church.